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  • 08.Jun.2011
  • From The Shed of Ted
  • On April 3, 1996, the FBI acquired a search warrant for Ted Kaczynski’s shed in Montana. All of it went up for auction last week and this is what I got.

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  • 23.Feb.2011
  • FM 5-32
  • Yvon Lambert put out a book for the exhibition opening Saturday February 26th, 2011. The book is modeled after an old Army Field Manual. We named it FM 5-32 because the number hadn’t been used and it happened to be bookended by Boobytraps (FM 5-31) and Terrain Analysis (FM 5-33). A perfect fit. The book was produced by Geneva Jann-Lewis at Yvon Lambert, the interview was put together by Simon Castets, the book was designed by Casey Maher and printed by Project Graphic Management.

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  • 02.Jan.2011
  • Shootin for Jesus
  • Shootin a .40 caliber in honor of Jesus’s b-day

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  • Skate

  • 13.Feb.2012
  • 18 Years Ago
  • At the 5:10 mark a bunch of dudes miss flips and pretend to fall, albeit poorly. That’s G in the foreground and it might be me that they skate towards but hell if I can tell.

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  • 02.Jan.2011
  • Bowled
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  • 28.Aug.2010
  • Mud Butt
  • This guy rips. The trees right in the middle of the Oregon skateparks look awesome. Seen at Thrasher.

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  • Wheels

  • 27.Dec.2010
  • ALYK
  • ALYK has a new video coming out. It’s going to premier somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I will let you know when it’s coming to a theater near you.

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  • 25.Aug.2010
  • Highbridge Train
  • Some footage of the kids up at Highbridge. You can see some kids booting the big ones on some serious beaters – break cables busted, squeaking, gold chains and airforce ones. Going in.

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  • 06.Aug.2010
  • New Stick
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  • EOTM

  • 28.Feb.2009
  • February EOTM
  • I got the bike exactly one month ago and shortly after this jump I crashed and fractured my wrist. But that’s enough to get me EOTM for February.

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  • 04.Jan.2009
  • January EOTM
  • Our friend Erik at Octane shot this beauty. More satisfied customers.

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  • 08.Dec.2008
  • December EOTM
  • Dave received December 2008 Employee of the Month award for this outstanding photograph. Congratulations Dave!

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  • Graphic

  • 12.Sep.2010
  • Bleed
  • We just finished up a cover for Matt Mayhall’s new CD titled Bleed.

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  • 24.Aug.2010
  • Hiro Halloween
  • This went on some webpage littered with ads so we tried to seduce people into a trance and look into the eyes of the ad.

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  • 22.Aug.2010
  • Pump
  • A newish breast-pump logo to get your juices flowing.

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  • Product

  • 24.Aug.2010
  • Mousepad
  • Click click click your way to the Store.

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  • 24.Aug.2010
  • SprBag
  • Go get a canvas bag to hang on a doorknob in your house from the Store.

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  • 02.May.2010
  • T-Sporks
  • We’ve got some new uniforms in the Store. Go get one.

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